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Moniquelstrong    2018-04-25
  I just visited the site. Give me time to check things out.  
Antworten:Hello,Moniquelstrong!This is Galya 8Seasons.Nice to meet you.OK, you can to check things out in the website first.There are shipping discounts on the site now,Valid only from Apr. 17th to May 1st, 2018 PDT. (15 Days),and also Mother's Day promotion, discounts up to 50%.You can have a look and it will be a good deal to place an order during this period. https://www.8seasons.com/wholesale-mothers-day-collection-c-691_2781.html?icn=2018Mother-en If you have any question, contact me, I am very happy to help you. Galya.
Wanda  United States  2018-04-25
Hannelore Maria  Germany  2018-04-23
  Die Ware ist angekommen und gefällt mir sehr gut. Danke  
Antworten:Hallo Hannelore, vielen Dank für Ihre postive Bewertung!:) Es freut uns sehr, dass Sie Ihr Paket erhalten haben und mit den Artikeln zufrieden sind. Wie Sie wissen, wir streben nach 100% Zufriedenheit von Kunden. Hoffentlich haben Sie immer viel Spaß beim Einkaufen. Ich glaube, unsere Zusammenarbeit wird besser. Wenn Sie Frage haben, stehen wir Ihnen gern zur Verfügung. Ihnen schönen Tag Liebe Grüße Emily
Hassanmoussaoui1962    2018-04-21
  Variété intéressante  
jürgen  Germany  2018-04-18
  ware ist angekommen, alles gut.  
Antworten: Hallo jürgen, Dank schön für Ihr Schreiben. Es freut uns sehr, dass Sie Ihr Paket erhalten haben und alles gut ist. Hoffentlich haben Sie immer viel Spaß bei Einkaufen! Ihnen schönen Tag Viele Grüße Emily
yayason1945    2018-04-16
sandrine  France  2018-04-16
  super contente tres bonne qualité merci  
Celine  Canada  2018-04-14
  good site  
Antworten:Hello!Here is Tina from 8seasons, wish you a nice day there.Thanks for your kind comment,glad to hear you like our site.Looking foward to doing business with you.If anything i can assist, tell me freely.Best regards,Tina.
Ghislaine  Canada  2018-04-12
  Je n'ai jamais vu une collection de petits et moyens pendentifs comme chez vous.  
Antworten:Bonjour, Merci pour votre message. :) Je vous donne un lien : https://fr.8seasons.com/ProductSearch.html?keyword=collection Vous pourriez voir si certains pendentifs vous intéressent. Si non, vous pourriez utiliser notre service de "recherche des produits" pour trouver les produits que vous voulez. https://fr.8seasons.com/index.php?main_page=oem_sourcing Si vous avez des questions, s'il vous plaît n'hésitez pas à me contacter. ^_^ Cordialement ! Sophie
wimikkel    2018-04-12
  I would love to see the czech beads in your inventory - nice site and a lot of wishes  
Antworten:Hello,Wimikkel!This is Galya 8Seasons.Nice to meet you.Do you want to see photos of czech beads?If so, tell me which product photos want to see, and I'll let the staff take pictures for you.The gap between the pictures on the general website and the real thing is not great. You also can refer to the pictures on the website. Galya.
jnanderson3    2018-04-10
  This is my first time here. I will write one later. Joan  
Kristie  United States  2018-04-10
  Excellent variety of supplies. I have been looking for unique yellow beads and this is the place!  
Antworten:Hello,Kristie!This is Galya 8Seasons.Nice to meet you.Thank you for your good comment. And in your order 500745 all the goods are in stock, we will send as soon as possible.After sending, you can receive a letter that shows you the track code and where to track.If you have any question, contact me, I am very happy to help you. Galya.
mal  United States  2018-04-09
  These charms are so pretty!  
Antworten:Hello Mallory, Thanks for your kind review, I am so glad to hear that, we will work hard to provide more pretty items in the future. Wish you a nice day there~ Best regards, Winnie:)
ana  United States  2018-04-09
  I will like to learn to make jewelry  
Antworten:Hi dear customer Then you will find a lot of useful items on our site. You will not regret to join us. Have a nice shopping experience. Best wishes Rose
Leota  United States  2018-04-08
Antworten:Hello,Leota!This is Galya 8Seasons.Nice to meet you.Thank you for your good comment. I hope you can buy your favorite items on the website.We will continue to strive to provide quality goods and sincere service.If you have any question, contact me, I am very happy to help you. Galya.